Can't Get Enough

from by Mixed Blood Majority

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You know where I’m at ' [Where you at?]
Getting high with the scum out back ' Catching feelings
Knees to the floor ' Blowing smoke to the ceiling
‘til my eyes like funhouse glass

And I can’t get enough ' Pant and I puff
Can’t take it anymore ' Pour a little in my cup
Drink it up quicker than it comes
Like I got a hole in my cup
Can’t can’t get enough

Joe Horton:
Paid a pitiful pittance to get
rid of the gimmick and strip
down to the simplest yeah
Now I’m as ill as it gets
Sick with cure baby
Sick of the world looking at me like you’re crazy
when you’re crazy

Can’t take it anymore ' Can’t get enough
Too many eyes on me now for me to give it up
‘Least not in public
Preach all that free shit I want
Deep down I know that I’m not
What you think-Fuck what you think that I’m caught?
In between a rock and a bottomless drop
Like it or not it’s either jump or fall
and not a one of us is dusting off
None of us are dusting off
We’re just looking for something to call home
On the way down trying to drown like a king of the bar throne
sinking in tar slow ‘ screaming I’m on top

Take one down, pass it around ' 99 bottles and I still ain’t drown
99 bottles and I still ain’t drown ' 99 bottles and I still ain’t drown

Crescent Moon:
Tell the spectators they can stop watching
Finally hit rock bottom like a stock option
Somehow I got locked in ' My body wants the toxins
Free-falling from the clouds is how I’m caught often
I hear your god talking: “Please believe in me. Please believe in me”
I hear my god often: “You’ll be needing me. You’ll be needing me”

Raise a cold glass, drink to my health
Put the glass down, sink to my hell
Why can’t I just think for myself?
Pour some out for the day that I fell



from Insane World, released December 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Mixed Blood Majority Minneapolis, Minnesota

Crescent Moon (of Kill the Vultures)
Joe Horton (of No Bird Sing)
Lazerbeak (of Doomtree)

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