Same Thing Coming

from by Mixed Blood Majority

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Joe Horton:
Half speak en vogue in the cesspool
Idol tongue running this
Cunning as the best fool sitting on the top of the pyramid
Tried to help him down, but he wasn't trying hear it
Fine then be like that ' Live in my skin and you would see that trap
Stack cash with a tight ass midas touch ' Finance your ransom
[Rise up]
Right as the crash comes
Half done don't play with the cops in your brain
they're impossible to slay with a cap gun
Captain, old flame of the waves
getting paid to be brave throwing souls to the flash flood
Rats run with their tails tucked
Crew stuck nails in the planks to impale us
Blood for the wind god ' Praying to an ear that has been gone
Sinking with the sails up ' Wonder what went wrong

They put me in the cage with the others ' Thought that I was tame but I wasn’t
Now they got the same thing coming ' Yeah, they got the same thing coming
Faith ain’t nothing but a game face, cousin ' Trying to save face everyday take cover
Halo on the cage made of buzzards ' And they got the same thing coming
Yeah they got the same thing coming

Crescent Moon:
Died with my boots on ducking thin lies ' Dim eyes on a new dawn
And when the feeling came it was too strong
[Yea, bet it wasn’t long ‘fore you moved on]

Too gone to speak ' Too gone to care ' Too gone to notice
Out of focus ' Hope is hanging by a hair
I found another way to leave my flesh behind
Where stress resides and self doubt crept inside
Took a deep breath filled my chest with pride
Stetched my mind and death pushed the rest aside
Pressed rewind, now I’m lookin’ who dunnit?
Who want it? One, two a few hundred?

Firing blindly in the dark all I see is the spark
from my tongue and I’m trying to hit my mark
My heart, my lungs, they start to come apart
from the hatred they’re weighed with and from the start
I knew that I was destined for the path I walk
The mask is off from birth til the casket drops
Started off slow, ended up running ' Don’t matter in the end
‘cause we all got the same thing coming



from Insane World, released December 4, 2015
Scratches by Andrew Broder



all rights reserved


Mixed Blood Majority Minneapolis, Minnesota

Crescent Moon (of Kill the Vultures)
Joe Horton (of No Bird Sing)
Lazerbeak (of Doomtree)

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