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Joe Horton:
Cue the hip-shake ' Get the dead-headed rowdy
The stuttering neck crowd is pouting
They wanted a god and got a particle
Cut to them pissing their pants ' Cut to my victory dance
Postpartum depression to pre-mortem
There I go again with the doom and gloom courtship
My bad ' Promise that I'll change my tune
Something more appealing to the wasted youth
I gotta face the truth ' Spinning in circles trying to find to it
No luck yet' No fucks left
You want me you got me
Man I got nothing to lose
Nothing to prove to the who's who of the screw loose
Too few knew the funeral march by heart
So when I started to hum it the punishment loomed brutal
Phones lit up like the city at nightfall
The glow of the zombie army with nothing to fight for

Living with it, hiding from it, feeding off me
Private Public
Living with it, hiding from it, feeding off me
Private Public

Private Public

Crescent Moon:
Be patient ' Every time the sky falls we’ll hide in the basement and listen to the night crawl
If the moon’s vacant, we’ll gather ‘round the light bulb
When that thing burns out: put holes in the dry wall
Open your eyeballs ' Tell me what you see
Hey, hey, is the coast clear to shuffle my two feet through streets?
Move sleek ' Who’s he?
The hood in the back row? Holding a black rose
Don’t know how to act, though
Half pterodactyl ' Half gone ' Half-hearted attempts to catch a glimpse don’t last long do they?
Who they talking ‘bout too late?
I found out all these suckers must be drinking from the same batch of Kool-Aid
Now what it taste like? Savor the backwash
The color of dead skin ' The flavor of asphalt
Now if you bite, you bit it ' Tou might admit it
You’re not the type only the righteous live it



from Insane World, released December 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Mixed Blood Majority Minneapolis, Minnesota

Crescent Moon (of Kill the Vultures)
Joe Horton (of No Bird Sing)
Lazerbeak (of Doomtree)

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