Every Lesson Unlearned

from by Mixed Blood Majority

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Joe Horton:
Is this a fortress or a jail cell?
Drag the warden out
One more bag of skin on the pile with a gaping orphan mouth
Lookie here little birdy regurgitating it hurts me
There's certain pains I'll endure, but you gotta pay me first
So says the older of the satirist twins
swinging a twig with a padawan twitch
Saddled with nerves at what lurks under murky surfaces
The mystery's king
If you didn't ask a question why you kissing the ring? Huh?
Soft shoeing, gun clapping, that’s the same dance
Festooned the exit wound with jewels to get you lined up
Don't look like you mind much ' Cueing for the crosshair
It's not fair ' But only thumb sucking bitches and punks duck
So says the younger ' Punch drunk and crazed from the hunger pain
Undercame his dumb luck with novocaine and sugar pills
Took a real man to admit he wasn't real
Now he knows just how his brother feels

Crescent Moon:

Run while you still can ' Walk while you still stand
They’ll have us down on all fours ' We fall for the bills and
the pills and the thrills and the mansion on the hills and
The shallow end is deep ' Ain’t no telling where we will land

Keep your fire light low ' Otherwise they might know our whereabouts and whereabout we find our inner light so the night cold ' Best watch your step upon the tight rope
If one falls, we all fall ' No lifeboat, no white horse to ride off in the sunset,
Happily ever after ' They ain’t never changed the script, they’re just casting better actors

[Hope you’re ready for your close-up] ' Hold up a minute, don’t be acting all surprised when they roll up in tinted windows asking for your identification
[Why spend your time chasing peace?] With eyes in the sky, vacant
Lost my patience for every operation concerned
with force-feeding information in the face of every lesson unlearned

Every lesson unlearned ‘ No stone unturned
Long as the sun burns ‘ Long as the sun burns


from Insane World, released December 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Mixed Blood Majority Minneapolis, Minnesota

Crescent Moon (of Kill the Vultures)
Joe Horton (of No Bird Sing)
Lazerbeak (of Doomtree)

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